Jason Stephens

HI BriskFlow Team,

I’m just writing to give you some feedback on our experience with BriskFlow thus far

I really need to compliment you and your whole team because the entire experience is genuinely exceptional. The patience from your team in dealing with our millions of queries and last minute requests and the service level in general really sets the benchmark for how I reckon a customer should be treated. Frieda is an absolute rockstar and super dependable which I so appreciate seeing as this system is arguably the single most important piece of software in our business. In general, though, every single person I’ve dealt with from Briskflow has added real value and has solidified our decision to partner with you.

The system itself has also made a major impact to the way we do business, although we may have taken some time to adapt, we have certainly seen a reduction in time spent on admin and general day-to-day tasks and it has been a definite selling factor for some of our larger clients being onboarded.

Thanks for the support, looking forward to growing together in the future.

All the best,

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