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I cannot create a Customer or Invoice from the System?
There will be a "Set Category" button that you need to click before you are able to create a customer or invoice on Sage one.
Authorization Failed notification of the system
This message means that the password/email address has changed and that you will need to re- enter this on your branch settings.
1. The owner needs to log into the platform
2. Click on Branches
3. Search for your branch
4. Click on "View Details"
5. Click on "Edit"
6. Scroll down until the area for Pastel Details
7. Re-enter the main user's email address en password
8. Click on "Save"
9. Link the branch to the correct Sage one Company (only applicable for Sage one Companies that have two or more companies on Sage one)
10. You will get a notification that you are now logged into Sage one
Name may not contain double spaces. - Could not create the customer record in Sage One notification when creating a Customer from the platform
Edit the lead and remove any spaces behind the name, surname or Company Name
Please enter a valid email address error
Make sure that there are no commas, spaces or special characters in the email address. 

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