Industries that are
using the Briskflow Software

Going paper-free allows your business to move faster — whether you’re working from home or not
Find out how Briskflow can streamline your entire business from start to end.
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Health and Saftey
Not only can you see and download the documents, registers or records you need, when you need it – but all of your files, even if you are working across multiple workplace locations will be in one place.
Security & cctv
Software that assists in managing installations and track your technicians every step of the way. Allow your technicians to comment on a job and add images
Pest Control
Create Proposals, schedule jobs / appointments, track job progress, send otp sms, client sign off, recurring jobs and invoice
Quotes, Job Cards, Invoices, Job Costing and Scheduling will help plumbers manage there day to day business processes
Property Maintenance
Software that assists maintenance companies scheduling jobs for all operators. Sending out feedback and referral requests and managing customer relationships with mailing campaigns
IT Companies
Track services with the sales add on and see day and time sheet for each technician
Commercial & Domestic
All in one solution of any cleaning company with consumable list linked to each service. Job Scheduling and recurring job setup.
Manage and track jobs with an easy to use techie view. Add location via Google maps and track your sales for the day.
Track each project with work orders and tasks. Create recipes for each set and import with a click of a button. Add approval steps to make sure everything has been completed
Medical Industries
Track assest with the asset management software. Install our tracking devices in any medical equipment.
Manage orders with your online shop. Woo-commerce integration allows you to see every order and automatically create a pick up / delivery slip
Assest Rental
Track each under the customer profile. Track movement between assest returning and moving to another customer.

Faster. Lighter. Smarter.

All mobile workers can use any smartphone/tablet to have their jobs sent to them.  Your jobs and appointments are visible on the techie view from earliest to latest. Each job is linked to a google maps address which makes it easier to locate the next client. Need to optimise your route? NO PROBLEM. Briskflow can change the sequence of your jobs to make sure you use the most optimised route and save on time and traveling expenses. This enables your technician to go straight to the job, and complete it, with all the information you require in your hand.

The progress of all jobs is managed and tracked by the admin system in real-time. This allows making time-critical decisions a lot easier. All travel and job times are tracked, and expenses can be entered to give you the true cost of jobs. With the ability to take photos, see attachments and fill out forms on the go, using Briskflow Software makes writing out all that paperwork disappear. All jobs can be signed to a sales representative, helping you get the confirmation you require from customer or operatives. We appreciate that security is a crucial factor when using sub-contractors and external personnel, so have built-in security levels that allow the mobile workforce to manage their jobs based on what you say they can do. Briskflow Software is built for ease of use and flexibility, making us the BEST solution for your company.

Keeping all data stored in some document management software can help to keep the documents in a systematic manner. You can access them whenever you want. Also, you will be able to track who accessed your data. By following this measure, you stay compliant with all the government norms and regulations.
Schedule job and recurring jobs and never lose track of what job is next
All documents are sent via email or sms to your clients. Receive customer feedback and referrals. Send out mailers on promotions to your entire customer list
Manage costing per job with mark up and stock items. Manage inventory list with a click of a button.