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Leads and Quotes
Paperless leads and quotes refer to the process of generating and managing sales leads and quotations without using physical paper documents. Instead of relying on traditional paper-based methods, businesses utilize digital tools and technologies to streamline lead generation and quoting processes. This approach offers several advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved accuracy, and enhanced accessibility. Here are some key aspects of paperless leads and quotes:
Briskflow's Paperless scheduling involves managing and organising appointments, meetings, and events without the use of physical paper or traditional scheduling methods. It leverages digital tools and technologies to streamline the scheduling process, enhance efficiency, and improve communication
Digital Documents
Briskflow Digital documents refer to electronic files that contain information, such as text, images, or multimedia elements, which can be stored, accessed, and shared using digital devices and computer networks. Unlike physical paper documents, digital documents exist in a virtual format and can be created, edited, and transmitted electronically.
With Briskflow, you can easily monitor your technicians, Operators or Sales daily activities. The system also boasts vehicle tracking and live mobile tracking so you will always know where your field staff are. Vehicle Tracking also has Fleet Management benefits, enabling you to keep updated with driving behaviour reports, mileage, journey reports, and more. The Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your employee's device while out in the field, allowing you to identify which site your staff are based at, and how long they spend on-site. You can also easily track who is the closest to any reactive jobs that may come in.
Invoicing and Job Costing
Briskflow's Paperless invoicing and job costing refer to the process of generating and managing invoices and tracking job costs without the use of physical paper documents. Instead of relying on traditional paper-based methods, businesses leverage digital tools and technologies to streamline these processes, offering several benefits such as increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. 
Data Analysis & Reporting
Briskflow data analysis and reporting refer to the process of analyzing and presenting data using digital tools and technologies, eliminating the need for physical paper documents.

Briskflow Add on Modules and Integrations

Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate procurements. Let the scheduler compute everything for you. Use routes, constraints and lead time to optimize inventory level and avoid shortages. Use our Bill of Materials, Recipes, Approval Steps, Tasks etc., to make your manufacturing process easier.
Asset Management
Reduce downtime and ensure that equipment is running safely and efficiently to surpass food safety standards. Our built-in chat and communication tools allow you to comment on pictures, make clear what needs to be fixed, and allow workers to quickly ask any questions, all in one place.
Incoming emails, requests from web forms and any other sources — everything is in your Briskflow Profile. Manage messages from customers in one ticketing system. Improve your workflow to simplify your customer support tasks
Briskflow Software will easily collect and report inspection data and resolve issues identified. We ensure compliance, reduces risk, and improves performance with easy-to-use forms, real-time reports, and complete action management. Collect, track, and report accurate and powerful data to provide detailed business insights that will empower your team to improve performance and business sustainability.
Sales Management
On one screen, the sales pipeline delivers a bird’s eye view of your whole sales process in action. You can pinpoint the progress of every single lead, preview its task status and get the big picture of your overall sales health. It keeps the whole team organised and focused on hitting their targets, so they don’t miss the forest or the trees.
Stock Management
Gain instant visibility into stock levels and order statuses, no matter the volume of product you manage. Upgrade from clunky traditional models to the speed, intuitiveness and cost-effectiveness of true cloud ERP software.

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